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Beauty has completely taken over my life! No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to stay out of Sephora! Here are a few things I picked up this month

Benefit Porefessional Primer: Now I’m not the biggest fan of primers, I feel like sometimes they can be that part of makeup that I can “live without”. However recently, I’ve been noticing dry patches on my skin and it was starting to cause my makeup to flake off( I know..grosssss). So I wanted to get a primer that would help moisturize, hide my pores, and make my makeup apply smoother. Full Review on this coming soon!

Becca Liquid Highlighter( Topaz): So I decided to give Becca another try. I was not a fan of the powder version of this highlighter, but when I saw Jaclyn Hill (what up girl!) do a review on the liquid version in Opal, I just had to try it! Obviously I went with the topaz color since that’s better for my skin tone and so far I’m loving it. It gives a very natural dewy glow, way better than the overly glitter powder version. Love Love Love!

Mac Skinfinish (Soft and Gentle): While we are on the topic of highlighters I have to mention this new favorite of mine. After my disaster with the powder becca highlighter, I quickly looked for another option and landed on this GORGEOUS babe. It is the perfect amount of shine and glitter and it lasts all day! Amanda got one too!

Mac Blush( Raizen):. It took me a couple times in Mac before I actually purchased this. I had seen it on youtube and loved it but for whatever reason when I swatched it; it just didn’t look right( don’t you hate when that happens!?). I finally decided to apply it on my face and  walked out the store so I could get better lighting and once I did that I instantly bought it. I naturally have reddish-brown undertones and thought this blush wouldn’t work for me, but It makes my skin look so rich and deep. For days, I want a deep matte look that brings out the natural colors of my skin tone then this is my go to.

Mac Paint Pot in( Painterly): Another Mac product! Shocker! I picked this up because once again I saw it in a youtube video (the story of my life). I have been using my NYX jumbo pencil in milk and It was great but ever since I purchased the tartelette pallete I wanted a primer that complimented those colors better. It’s a light pink/mauve color and it’s extremely creamy. I may go back and purchase some Mac paint pots in different colors!

ABH Contour Kit ( Deep): I did a full review on this here and so far I’m loving it!

That’s all for this month. I’ve been eyeing these Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks so I’m thinking of picking those up soon! Tweet me which ones you think I should get!

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Hey Guys! Today is super exciting because I have a new series coming soon! I’m sure you’ve all heard me talk about my job and how complicated it is running a blog and maintaining other aspects of my social life. This blog is an amazing treat..but right now that’s exactly what it is….a treat. I have a ton of fun writing for you, but my day to day life can be quite chaotic, so I decided to share with you some of my lifestyle tips and overall how I manage the blog and my career.

Here is the breakdown for the month!

May 3rd: Morning Routine

  1. How to start your day off right
  2. Ways to take advantage of your morning commute
  3. Makeup Tips for rushed mornings

May 10th: Fitness Routine

  1. 3 easy ways to workout on a daily basis
  2. Apps to help track weight loss or other fitness goals
  3. Tips and Tricks to sneak in a workout during a busy day

May 17th: Night Routine

  1. How to prepare for the next work day
  2. Managing after-work Social Life
  3. Final things to wrap up with you blog every night

May 24th: Food

  1. Quick and Easy Healthy breakfast foods
  2. Alternatives to coffee and Energy Drinks
  3. What to eat for the last meal of the day


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contour kit one

I have this new motto and it goes a little something like this….

” When you’ve had your eye on something for longer than a week…the laws of shopping require you to buy it”

Now I totally made that up but it sounded pretty good didn’t it? I tell myself this theory is true just about every time I buy something and the ABH contour kit is no exception.

Oh- FYI I’m the queen of justifying my purchases. That thing called “buyer’s remorse” is a myth as far as I’m concerned.

I will admit that I have a shopping addiction where I talk myself into buying things that are really ” wants” but I tell myself they are “needs” HOWEVER..I am not an impulse buyer. I do research hunny. I fully investigate products before they are purchased; I read reviews (written and videos) I also swatch things in store and take home samples to try first. I’m probably the most thorough and efficient shopping addict you’ll ever meet.

Just sayin

Anyways back to the real reason why I’m telling you all of this which is that the ABH contour kit has been on my wish list for a while. I’ve been putting it off because I couldn’t find it in stores anywhereeee despite the fact that Macys is supposed to have it in store I still had to purchase mine online at ABH. I could have purchased it at Macys but surprisingly the shipping was cheaper at ABH than at Macy’s and I got it in two days! (this item is not sold at Sephora/Ulta)

contour kit two

Version: Cream Contour Kit

Shade: Deep

Pigmentation: This product is super pigmented and you barely need to apply it to your brush in order to get enough product. This will probably last me a really long time. I will say that the lighter shades in the deep palette don’t work for my skin tone. The pink corrector is almost too pink to really do anything and the lighter shade is slightly off as well. The deeper “contouring” shades are what really sells this palette. In the picture, it looks like they are all the same but the undertones in them are different.

Blending: These shades blend nicely but depending on the shade they will disappear altogether. The highlighting shades when blending are hard to see, but the contouring shades buff out great. I use a beauty blender for the highlight and my RT buffing brush for the contour.

Not Perfect For

  • Someone who has oily skin: This cream is fairly drying to be classified as a cream. It basically has no moisture in it however as you wear it( especially  in the sun) it does start to get a little oily. I have dry skin so I can make it work but if your skin is naturally oily then you may want to stick to the powder version
  • Someone who is looking for moisture: This cream is very dry and hard to apply! It does not glide on the face as most creams normally do. the only reason why I’m able to pull this off is because its summer time and my skin are more moisturized than normal. But during winter this will be hard to use.

ps: I heard you can add a drop of oil to the shade you want to use so that it will apply and blend easier. =)

Perfect For

  • Someone who wants a harsh contour: I love a beat contoured face! These colors are so rich and pigmented that they really do accentuate your features. I especially love this for days when I have my hair up and want a defined face.
  • Someone who wants good contour shades: As I said before this palette does nothing for highlighting, but I prefer to use my concealers for that anyways. The only contouring shade I have is mac blunt so I was looking for a palette that had some good deep tones. I’ve heard great things about the KVD shade and light palette, but it seems more ” light than shade” so I decided to stick with ABH.


Overall  I would recommend this product to someone else. It works for what it is I wanted it for, but I realize it may not be everybody’s idea of the perfect pallette. A lot of the issues I have are with application and that’s mainly because I don’t have the right brushes, but honestly other than that I have no complaints. It’s a palette that will take some work to tailor it to your needs but all in all I love it!

What contour palettes have you been loving lately?

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iphone, agenda, lilly pulitzer, eos, rimmel, mac, sephora, tissues, headphones
Anyone who commutes to work will feel me when I say ” I live out of my purse”. Half my life is carried with me in my backpack. My favorite lipstick that I can’t live without, my handy dandy notebook that has my entire world written in it, all my snacks for the day so I’m not dying come lunchtime. My purse is my right-hand man and I never leave the house without the following things.

Agenda: If you’ve been a longtime follower of our blog you know how much I have raved about the Lily Pulitzer agendas. I’ve been using this one since college and I keep replenishing it every year. I mainly use it to keep track of blog related stuff but I also have my financial goals in there and I track my daily spending (currently saving to buy an Ipad!).

Snacks: You guys….snacks are so crucial to my life. There is nothing worse than having an hour and a half commute in the morning and not having anything to eat. Sometimes I don’t have time to make breakfast as I’m sure Amanda has told you I don’t even like breakfast. I live by my snacks and I usually have popcorn( trader joes), juice( usually orange juice/cranberry juice), and some type of candy( we all know I love my sweets).

iPhone Accessories: Headphones and a charger are mandatory at all times. Yesterday I was riding the ferry home…..Yup, I take a boat to work everyday!..and there was a bunch of drunk giants fans that had just left the game making a ton of ruckus. When you’ve had a long day of work that’s the last thing you want to listen too, so I make sure to keep my headphones on deck!

free people, backpackBackpack: Now I know we are supposed to be talking about what’s IN my purse but I just want to highlight my bag. In college, I was a die-hard tote fan. I wore my Micheal kors tote out! But when I started taking public transportation to work I decided to switch to something more secure. Don’t get me wrong, my MK tote was super durable,but it was also open. And when you take public transportation the last thing you want is people seeing all yo biznesss ( that’s how you get JACKED). So I wised up and bought a plain leather backpack (something durable but not flashy and overly expensive) from free people.

Makeup bag: I really should call this my ” in case something happens bag” because I have a lot more stuff in it that just makeup. On the day today I carry
  • Hand sanitizer: public transportation is DIRT TAY
  • Tissues: because God decided to curse me with allergies
  • A lipstick: currently been carrying rebel and styled and sepia with me everywhereeeee
  • EOS Lip Balm: I work in Sf and that cold on your lips in the morning…..ain’t-no-joke.
  • Mirror: Amanda took back her hello kitty mirror(tear) so I had to buy my own. I got one at Sephora for 5 Bucks!

And that’s it! I know you are probably wondering..dang that ain’t even that much stuff..but when you are a commuter minimalism is your best friend. I try to stick to the basics and leave the fluff/junk that most girls carry in their purse at home!

What kinds of things do you carry with you on your day to day?
 kierra again



Let me start off by saying I never read DIY posts. I’m lazy and I want instant gratification, so I usually don’t spend the time to go around buying a whole bunch of little pieces to create something. However

Long sigh

My wallet disagrees with this lazy mentality of mine and has forced my hand to try some things I normally would just buy outright. One of these being the Hollywood vanity. In my old apartment I had a vanity, I never thought I would need to buy one but when I moved to the new place didn’t have one. I’ve been using my makeup train case in a shared bathroom space, but I wanted lighting specifically for makeup purposes. I shopped around, but it seemed like all the vanity’s I saw were roughly $200-$300.


So I decided..DIY it is! I will preface this and say I in no way tried to recreate the infamous Hollywood vanity. My goal was to create a space where I had good lighting to apply my makeup. I combined different DIY’S I found on the internet to create the perfect vanity for what I was looking for.

First things first! The Materials! I went to home depot and picked up the following things



1. Two Extension Cords: I picked up the cheapest extension cord I could find. If you are limited on how many plugs you have in your room then you might want to pay attention to length, and the longer ones are more expensive.

2. Daylight Light Bulbs: I used regular house lights instead of the trendy globe lights that are typically on vanity’s. The globe lights were more expensive and I figured it would be easier to use regular lights so that I could interchange them with other things throughout the house. Make sure to get daylight! 60watt

3. Two Bathroom Fixtures: Typically people have 3 lights all around their vanity, one at the top and one at the side, but I just felt like that was overkill, so I decided to go with two.

4. Mirror: I already had a mirror so I didn’t need to buy one but do keep in mind to get one that is big enough for your needs.

Additional Feature

You can buy a wireless light switch for your convenience so that you don’t have to keep plugging them in, but I skipped buying it because it was $20 and I was already over budget with everything else that I had.

I already had scissors and a mirror at home so I didn’t need to buy those.

Finished Result


I taped the chords to the side so that they stay out of the way. You will notice that my desk is not in front of my mirror and I did that on purpose. The reason why is because I use this mirror as a full body mirror and I also like to walk right up to my mirror and apply my makeup. It’s difficult for me to see when I have to lean over my desk. This eliminates me having to purchase a magnifying mirror for close-ups.

Brightness: I found that the 60 watt was bright enough; especially since I have 6 of them however if you need more brightness you can easily add a higher wattage bulb.

Total Cost:$40! Now keep in mind that I already had the mirror which is usually the most expensive item. If you have a bigger budget than me I would suggest investing in the light switch.

I had a tight budget so I used a lot of what I already had lying around the house. I forgot to take pictures of the step by step process, but I do have a link to the video tutorial that I did. I followed this tutorial exactly step by step. Its really detailed and straight forward but if you have any questions let me know!

kierra again