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Its tax return season! I have a really funny story to tell you guys! So has anyone seen that commercial by H&R Block and they say the line “Get your billions back America!!”. Well one day I heard this on TV and I thought it said “Get your billions back Kierra”. If you guys could have seen my face! I feel like an idiot now that I know it said America instead of my name but needless to say it caught my attention. Anyhow back to the post at hand.

Many of us get a large sum of money and have no idea what to do with it. That $3,000 hits your bank account and you feel like you’ve won the lottery. For me, a recent college grad, money like that can make you cray cray. What DO I BUY! But the questions you should be asking yourself is not what you should buy, but rather how should I spend it. I’ve listed a few things to consider once the dollars start rolling in.

handle business

The first thing you need to do is evaluate how much money you owe. For example if you have a $300 Macys credit card bill, now is the perfect time to pay it off in full. Especially since those credit cards in particular carry alot of interest. if you own a car or student loans then those are debts you can pay off as well, but I’m mainly talking about smaller debts that are accruing a lot of interest or have a small enough dollar amount to where they can get paid right away.


The second step is deciding what things you would like to invest in. I really want to spend more money on travel, so I planned a trip to Europe and used some of my tax return for a plane ticket. I think it’s good to pick one big item to save for as opposed to $100 towards 8 different things. I really want the cannon rebel t4i and a MacBook but my trip was planned first, so instead of saving for the camera and computer I decided to save for the vacation! Of course if you have enough money feel free to save for both!

have fun

After you’ve handled business and set aside money for investments now you can have a little fun! I plan on doing a mini makeup haul; I’ve been dying to get my hands on those too faced chocolate bar pallets! It’s important to still set a budget for this so that you don’t just go out and buy unnecessary items. As you can see below I have a prioritized list of the makeup goods that I want to buy instead of just going to Sephora and getting everything (which would be a dream come true).

I hope these tips help! Be sure to leave any questions you have below =)

kierra again


I recently popped into Sephora to check out a few things. Half the time I go in there I never know what I’m looking for-which is how I always end up spending too much money- however this weekend I was looking for a new foundation. I’ve been using the liquid Maybelline fit me in shade 360 but it wasn’t doing the trick for me anymore. I like a natural sheer look and the Maybelline gave me this full overage that was thick with orange undertone and it was not very flattering. I noticed I was gravitating towards the powder version but during the winter months powder can often make your face dry. Essentially I wanted a liquid that gave me the exact same coverage as my Maybelline fit me powder and I found just the thing. I’ve been a fan of Nars products ever since I bought the Nars blush in Amour. Too die for!! Nars was the first counter I went to when I walked into Sephora and I bought the shade Seychelles which matches my skin perfectly. For those of you who don’t know tinted moisturizers are a lot like bb creams but they tend to have a better range of colors for those of us with darker skin. The Nars tinted moisturizer gives this great sheen and glow to my skin and what I love most is that I can use my fit me powder to set my makeup after.

When you apply it it feels like your applying lotion, it’s practically weightless. It has a lot of SPF in it and has actually helped clear my skin.I will say that because of the SPF it does show a little flashy in photos, so you have to be conscious of that when you’re taking pictures at night time. I have some photos below of me in the daytime and it looks like my skin is glowing!

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picture one


It was $46 which is expensive for a moisturizer but whenever you buy Nars you know it’s going to be a pretty penny. It’s really hard to find a tinted moisturizer in my shade, because companies never have a wide range so I didn’t mind spending the extra money for this.

What foundation do you use? Do you prefer foundation or tinted moisturizers?

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February is the month of love and boy have I been lovinggggg a few things. Most of them are beauty related but I threw a few other goodies in there too. Let’s get started!!

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train two


1. In my old apartment I had a full on vanity but my new home doesn’t have the space in the bathroom for me to store all my makeup. For months I was walking back and forth to my room taking one makeup bag at a time to the bathroom. The struggle was real yall! My mother saw my dilemma and bought me a train case from It was a good size but the inside was flimsy cardboard and the outside was a cheap metal. All in all it wasn’t worth the $50 she spent for it so we returned it. I began searching for alternative options and I heard rave reviews about the Sephora train case! It is durable and I have plenty of space left over for when my collection continues to grow. This rose gold color was limited edition, but they do carry the black and silver ones year round. Tip: if your going to buy one of these I think its better to buy in person because online you cant tell how durable the product is. These are definitely one of those items where you get what you pay for.

2. Mac Mac Mac! They have done it again! I’m late to hop on the velvet teddy train but now that I’m on it I’m never getting off. It is seriously the perfect nude and looks fabulous on my skin tone. For days when I’m going for a refined and classic look( which I find myself doing more of) I quickly grab for this. I have been wearing it without a liner because I like the color as is, but I’m thinking about buying a matching liner to lock in the color.

3. Concealer: I really haven’t found that perfect concealer yet- Nars concealer purchase is coming soon- but I will say it has definitely been a nice addition to my makeup routine. I wear glasses so my eyes tend to reflect shadows that look like bags even when I don’t have any. It’s great to have that extra brightening piece.

4. Fleece Blankets: I’m originally from the bay but my few years living in La I forgot how cold at night it can get! My mom bought me some fleece bed sheets for Christmas, which by the way I had no idea even existed- and they are heaven! If you don’t have a man at night to keep you warm then get these! =)

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5. I absolutely love messenger bags. I think they are so much more effective than carrying little clutches or satchels. Don’t get me wrong…I love my mini marc Jacobs but for days when I want to do some hands free shopping the messenger bag is perfect. I bought a striped purse years ago from Francesca’s and recently went back to purchase another. Can’t wait to start using it! Ps: aren’t these colors perfect for spring and summer

6. Mac fix plus: I’ve been searching hi and low for the perfect setting spray and when I went to Sephora the women convinced me that mac fix plus was a waste of money. Some just say that its plain ole cucumbers and water-which is true- and others claim it’s the holy grail of setting sprays. Honestly it doesn’t really set my makeup as in make it stay in place all day, but it does work great for blending product out and adding a dewy finish to your look. I personally use it on my face before I apply my powder makeup to help it spread more easily, I spray it on my beauty blender to help blend my concealer, and I use it at the end for a dewy finish. As you can see it’s totally multiuse!

7. Candles: We have 4 dogs at my house and sometimes the smell is overwhelming. No matter how much I vacuum and clean there scent still lingers. I didn’t want to use sprays such as febreeze or glade because the lasting power is never that long so I turned to candles. Best idea ever! They give a lovely scent to my room and I also use them to help light my room-obvi-but it’s great for when I don’t want a full light on.

I’d love to hear what some of your monthly favorites have been!

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I’m starting to notice a pattern. I don’t like reading blogs. I mean I do..but only to a certain extent. I used to read everything in my Bloglovin feed. And I mean everything. All 800 posts if that’s what it took. I told myself I didn’t want to miss anything; a good outfit post or some blogging tips…and to a certain extent that’s still true. But I’ve noticed that I’ve developed quite the habit in how exactly I do it and I realized its very effective. I’ve listed a few tips on how to not let your Bloglvin feed overwhelm you.

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