Youtube and Instagram are going to make me broke. The moment I like one item, some youtube guru starts raving about something else. Perfect example: The Nars luminous foundation. I had just bought the Nars tinted moisturizer; completely happy with it. I thought I hit the jackpot. Thennnnnnn out comes Nars with another foundation option. And its PERFECTION. I H-A-V-E to have it! So here I go; back to sephora…..againnnnn dropping another $100; because lets face one goes to Sephora and walks out with just one thing.
Basically. what I’m saying is my makeup wishlist is endless. So I figured I would share with you all what Ive been swooning over these past couple weeks.
  1. Nars Luminous Foundation: Obvi! I sampled this foundation a while ago and it’s been in my dreams ever since. Definitely will be my first buy when I walk in the store
  2. Semi-Sweet  Chocolate Bar Palette: I initially wanted both chocolate bar palettes, but since I bought the Tarte Amazonian palette (review coming soon) it was recommended to me that the semi-sweet might make a better addition to my collection. Apparently the Tartlette and the original chocolate bar pallet are too similar. What do you think?
  3. Laura Mercier Setting Powder: I just bought the Nars setting powder which is great but I’ve heard that the Laura Mercier powder is better for setting your whole face, and the Nars is better for undereye concealer.
  4. Anastasia Contour Cream kit: I only have one bronzer, well blush really and its called mac blunt. It’s a powder and although the color is great I would love to have a cream contour.
Please comment if you have any of these, I would love to hear your thoughts!
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Put Your Stunna Shades On

If you’re from the bay then you know exactly what that phrase represents and even if you’re not from the bay, like myself, but were a child of the “hyphy” movement then you also know what this means. E-40 knew what he was talking about when he coined that phrase. He must have known that sunglasses instantly give you a little swag. Sunglasses are literally one of my favorite accessories. I love the way they just scream fabulous. I also love that they add some mystery to your look, and I personally use them to ignore people tryna holla at ya girl. I keep my sunglasses on and keep it pushin.(inserts deuces emoji)

Anyway, back to the task at hand. I wanted to show you guys what some of my favorite sunglass are for this summer and where to get them. Use them for whatever purpose you like whether its fabulosity, holla repellant, mystery, or like myself, all of the above!

Quay Australia ‘Quay Kittie’ , Sunglasses, cat eye, summer, spring, shades,

Quay Australia ‘Quay Kittie’ $40. These sunglasses are EVERYTHING. I’ve never been a huge fan of  cat eye, but I would wear the hell out of these

Quay Australia "Zig", sunglasses, shades, retro,

Also, Quay Australia “Zig” $40. These are gorgeous too. I love that they have a retro vibe with some new age cool.

Tag @inthegrey on instagram and show me your favorite sunnies!

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Primer is not a must have for everybody. Despite what people tell you I don’t think it’s a makeup must have. The first time I ever tried makeup primer I thought it was amazing. I’d never seen my skin glow so much. I was new to makeup, I mean really new; ( borrowing brushes from friends- kinda new). My sorority sisters and I were getting ready for our 10-year banquet and my makeup collection consisted of a foundation that was the wrong color and few elf eyeshadow brushes.

It was bad.

I knew my Mac foundation would make me look chalky so I asked my friend if she had a primer to help smooth it out. She had a primer by benefit cosmetics and It did the trick. So well that I actually went back later and purchased it myself. It made my skin glow, but it was glowing to the point where it was shiny, and then shiny quickly became oily and oily turned into a breakout. A few days later I returned the primer. Now I won’t say it’s the products fault, but I do think it’s important to understand what your skin needs. Just because everyone is raving about the latest and greatest primer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for you. I’ve listed below a few alternatives to the traditional makeup primers. Hope these help!


First Up is Lotion: I personally use the Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion for dry to normal skin( they have others pertaining to your skin type). It works great as an all-day moisturizer and in small doses a good primer. When I apply liquid makeup I have to make sure to use it minimally so that it doesn’t look oily, but depending on your skin type you can get away with adding a little more. Just one pump should do

.mac fix plus, mac,

Mac Fix Plus: Hydrating your face is a great way to help your makeup spread. Powders don’t naturally spread as easily with this, but liquids work like a charm. Any misting spray will work so don’t feel locked into buying the Mac Fix Plus; it’s just the one that I use.

nars tinted moisturizer

Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream: Tinted moisturizers give a very sheer coverage allowing you to use it as a base. This is great for both powders and liquids. If you have a liquid foundation and it’s too dark or too light then your tinted moisturizer or BB can serve as the proper color base and you can mix it in. If you have a powder foundation then simply build your coverage as you wish. The moisture in these creams will help your powder spread easily.

If you have big pores or you use a primer to help tame your oily skin, then some of these options may not work for you. I personally have normal to dry skin so all three of these work great.

What alternatives do you use to help prime your makeup?

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Miley Cyrus, Viva Glam, Lipstick, MAC,

Let me start off by saying I am not a pink kind of girl. I don’t like pink clothes, the color pink or even pink makeup, although I must say it looks fabulous on my skin tone. So needless to say I wasn’t overly excited about getting the Miley Cyrus Viva Glam lipstick. Not to mention Miley went a little cray cray so I haven’t been her biggest fan as of lately.  However, I am sick and tired of missing out on limited edition products; I’m still crying about not getting the talk that talk lipstick years ago and don’t even get me started on Riri boy. For all my mac lipstick lovers, you know what I’m talking about.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty shall we?

Miley Cyrus Viva Glam is an Amplified lipstick, which also comes with a lipglass version but I only bought the lipstick. I really like amplified lipsticks( i.e heroine) because the color is always so pigmented and bold.  The only other pink lippie that I have is Mac flat out fabulous(matte) and I love it so I was excited to see an amplified version of this.

miley cyrus, viva glam, mac, lipstick, makeup, swatches miley cyrus, viva glam, mac, lipstick, makeup, swatches miley cyrus lipstick, swatch, pink lipstick, dark skin, swatches

The only issue I have with this lipstick is the consistency. It may have just been that my lips were dry, but it made my lips peel really bad. If your lips aren’t perfectly primed it will show every imperfection. This lipstick can also get a little messy so I would suggest wearing it with a  lip liner to help lock in the color. ( Mac liner in Magenta works great)

 What are some of your favorite pink lipsticks?

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nars, tartelette, concealer, becca, highlighter, ruby woo, mac, real techniques.

Did a makeup haul this weekend and picked up a few goodies!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Tartelette Palette: I’ve been dying to get my hands on an all matte makeup palette. I will be doing a full review on this later, but I’m already loving the colors and the packaging! Who doesn’t love purple and gold!?

Becca Highlighter (Topaz): I’ve heard rave reviews about these highlighters. I know opal and moonstone are popular colors, but topaz looked better on my skin tone. I’ve been looking for a good highlighter ever since I got Benefits Whatts Up. I’m thinking about going back and snagging the color opal too.

Nars Translucent Crystal Setting Powder: This comes both pressed and loose. I felt like the loose powder was messy and that I would end up wasting a lot of powder so I liked the pressed option because I felt like it was more controlled. The packaging is amazinggggg. It comes in this nice silk pouch that I think is just so fancy. Nars products are expensive, but I find that they are worth every penny.

Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer (Caramel): The best concealer everrrrrrr. Its super creamy, very blendable. I wear glasses so quality concealer that won’t crease is a must have more me. Set this baby with the Nars setting powder and you’re good to go. It won’t budge a bit.

Real Techniques Eyeshadow Set: Real techniques have amazing brushes and I like everything that I’ve bought from this thus far. I needed eyeshadow brushes so I decided to pick these up from my local ULTA.

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick + Lipliner: I JUST bought the ruby woo( I know..super late) but I love it. The only con with red lipstick is that it bleeds so to lock in the color I bought the lipliner as well. I personally like my liner to match my lipstick because I don’t want to change the color, although I’ve heard that this looks great with Nightmoth or a dark brown liner.

Do you guys have any of these? If so tweet me your favorite one!

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