Top 5 Makeup Setting Sprays & Powders

Melting makeup is not cute. No one wants to spend all that time applying their makeup only for the sun to slide it right off. It took me a while to figure out what setting spray actually was. Who wants to pay money for water in a pretty makeup bottle or worse cake a whole bunch of white powder all over the face (which is atrocious for us African American girls.) I’ve made a list of both sprays and powders that work for all skin tones. Enjoy!

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Products I’ve Tried

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray:($14) This was my first every setting spray. I bought the sample size from Ulta and I believe it was $10. I think spray is okkkkk. It didn’t really do much for me but since it was all I had I used it. I think this may work better in colder climates because I don’t think it’s strong enough to hold your makeup in hot weather.

Mac Fix Plus: ($10) Not really a setting spray but man ole man is this thing amazing. This is really one of those products where you need to try it for yourself. Some people will say it’s the holy grail, others will say it’s just cucumber water and not worth the buy. Depending on my foundation, I’m more prone to have oily skin so I have to be careful when I’m using this to set my makeup. Normally I wear it with powder foundation for a dewy look, or I will use it to help fix my makeup. This spray lives up to its name. It helps with blending and buffering out certain areas where you’ve applied too much blush, highlight or whatever.

Nars Translucent Crystal Powder:($36) This powder takes translucent to a whole new level. Its so hard to find a powder that just sets and doesn’t whiten your face. I will say that the other day I applied too much and it made my skin look dry, so be sure to have a light hand when using this. I was able to fix my face by spraying some mac fix plus to create a more dewy look. See how they both work together!

Ps: I know the $36 price tag may be intimidating, but it’s worth your bang if you really struggle with melting makeup. It comes in a loose and pressed powder, but I bought the pressed powder because I felt like the loose one sprayed everywhere.  I  felt like I would be wasting a lot of products. Oh and did I mention how pretty the packaging is! Beautifull

Products I haven’t Tried

Laura Mercier Setting Powder:($22.50) I’ve heard amazing things about this powder all over youtube. If you don’t want the Nars this is another alternative; although I must say that the price isn’t much of a bargain. When I went to Sephora this and the Nars Crystal powder were the top rated setting powders; so definitely try them out when you get a chance. I know I plan on snagging a sample soon.

Ben Nye Banana Powder: ($20) Now this isn’t an all over the face setting powder, but I heard that its great for undereye concealer. It’s primarily used to contour; since it has such great brightening features. The only downside to this product is it’s not readily available in stores; you have to purchase it from amazon. If you’re in dire need of a setting spray right away then I suggest buying another option I’ve listed above while this one ships to you.

All prices listed are for the sample size except the Nars

What are some of your favorite setting sprays/powders?

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