4 ways to clear your Bloglovin Feed

I’m starting to notice a pattern. I don’t like reading blogs. I mean I do..but only to a certain extent. I used to read everything in my Bloglovin feed. And I mean everything. All 800 posts if that’s what it took. I told myself I didn’t want to miss anything; a good outfit post or some blogging tips…and to a certain extent that’s still true. But I’ve noticed that I’ve developed quite the habit in how exactly I do it and I realized its very effective. I’ve listed a few tips on how to not let your Bloglvin feed overwhelm you.

  1. Why are you reading: The first thing you should ask yourself is why you are reading other blogs. Some do it solely to go out and spam bloggers with their comments, others do it for inspiration, and some casually read it just to stay up on the latest news. I myself do it for three reasons

– Outfit ideas (not just for the blog, for life in general),

-Beauty tips since I’m a newbie to the game

-Blogging tips-there can never be too many things to learn.

I also of course comment as a way to drive traffic to my blog–lezzz be honest. Sometimes I just do it because I absolutely love the blogger. (cough cough Corals and Cognacs my favvvvvvvvvv)

  1. Look at pictures first: Pictures are a depiction of what the blogger will be writing about. If I see a photo of an outfit I know I would never wear, chances are I’m not going to care to read where they found it. If I see a photo of skin care products’ that are not even offered in my country( I follow a lot of UK bloggers so this happens often), then chances are I won’t have much in common with that particular post. I know this may sound harsh but we as readers tend to gravitate towards what we can relate too. If I wanted to look at a whole bunch of advertisements for products I wouldn’t buy then I could easily pick up a magazine. There are some bloggers: (this one is for you damsel in dior) where I read her blog because I love her stories behind the outfit; regardless of the fact that her style is way out my budget. Read for whatever reason you choose but pictures will always be your first indicator.
  1. Look at content: If a post sounds like a sponsored post; chances are it is….I understand that this is a way many bloggers are making their money and shoot I hope to make a dollar or two myself; but when I have 600 blog posts in my feed these are the lasts on my list. Figure out which posts you can “do without”. For me its sponsored posts and hair tutorials (since most of the people I follow don’t have the same type of hair as me).
  1. Leave it for later: I used to only use the like it button on Bloglovin if I really liked a post or wanted to save if for later. Most of which are blogging tips. Now I use it as a way to quickly skim through my feed. If I see something that is interesting I will hit it for later, so I can easily clear out the rest. I usually end up with 10-15 in my que and then when I have time I read them. Another option is to pin posts to a specific board. Interesting Blogging Posts, Or Read later; whichever you choose to call it. This is a good alternative if you don’t want to clog your liked feed on Bloglovin.

Welp these are my 4 little ways on how to deal with Blogging madness. The same can be applied to email lists or whatever else you like to read. I know ideally all of us try to clear our Bloglovin que at least a few times a week but for those that travel or are simply busy these can be some tips to keep in mind!

Hope you enjoyed!

kierra again


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