Melting makeup is not cute. No one wants to spend all that time applying their makeup only for the sun to slide it right off. It took me a while to figure out what setting spray actually was. Who wants to pay money for water in a pretty makeup bottle or worse cake a whole bunch of white powder all over the face (which is atrocious for us African American girls.) I’ve made a list of both sprays and powders that work for all skin tones. Enjoy!

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Products I’ve Tried

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray:($14) This was my first every setting spray. I bought the sample size from Ulta and I believe it was $10. I think spray is okkkkk. It didn’t really do much for me but since it was all I had I used it. I think this may work better in colder climates because I don’t think it’s strong enough to hold your makeup in hot weather.

Mac Fix Plus: ($10) Not really a setting spray but man ole man is this thing amazing. This is really one of those products where you need to try it for yourself. Some people will say it’s the holy grail, others will say it’s just cucumber water and not worth the buy. Depending on my foundation, I’m more prone to have oily skin so I have to be careful when I’m using this to set my makeup. Normally I wear it with powder foundation for a dewy look, or I will use it to help fix my makeup. This spray lives up to its name. It helps with blending and buffering out certain areas where you’ve applied too much blush, highlight or whatever.

Nars Translucent Crystal Powder:($36) This powder takes translucent to a whole new level. Its so hard to find a powder that just sets and doesn’t whiten your face. I will say that the other day I applied too much and it made my skin look dry, so be sure to have a light hand when using this. I was able to fix my face by spraying some mac fix plus to create a more dewy look. See how they both work together!

Ps: I know the $36 price tag may be intimidating, but it’s worth your bang if you really struggle with melting makeup. It comes in a loose and pressed powder, but I bought the pressed powder because I felt like the loose one sprayed everywhere.  I  felt like I would be wasting a lot of products. Oh and did I mention how pretty the packaging is! Beautifull

Products I haven’t Tried

Laura Mercier Setting Powder:($22.50) I’ve heard amazing things about this powder all over youtube. If you don’t want the Nars this is another alternative; although I must say that the price isn’t much of a bargain. When I went to Sephora this and the Nars Crystal powder were the top rated setting powders; so definitely try them out when you get a chance. I know I plan on snagging a sample soon.

Ben Nye Banana Powder: ($20) Now this isn’t an all over the face setting powder, but I heard that its great for undereye concealer. It’s primarily used to contour; since it has such great brightening features. The only downside to this product is it’s not readily available in stores; you have to purchase it from amazon. If you’re in dire need of a setting spray right away then I suggest buying another option I’ve listed above while this one ships to you.

All prices listed are for the sample size except the Nars

What are some of your favorite setting sprays/powders?

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We initially had another post scheduled for today but something amazing happened over the weekend and we wanted to share!

Saturday Kierra and I went to Mac, to buy some more makeup( as if we need anything else), but It was my birthday weekend so I was in the mood to splurge. We walked in and headed straight to the lipstick section, where we overheard a conversation between two friends. One girl, (we’ll call her “Amy” for sake of story) was recommending some lipsticks to her friend “Brenda”. They were eyeing the colors smoked purple and cyber, but neither of them knew which one to try. Brenda tells Amy she doesn’t like either of the colors. She thinks her lips are too big to pull it off and she’s feeling a little self-conscious. Amy tells her to sample it and see which ones she likes. I look up and see Brenda’s face; she isn’t feeling it.

At all…

I was bursting to say something. I had just poured my heart out in my lined lip post  about my own lip insecurities and how intimidated I was about bold colors. I gotta help this girl out, one mac sister to another. I jump right into their convo and begin to compliment her. I share my own story of how I’ve struggled with being self-conscious about my lips. Since she was stuck between smoked purple(matte) and Cyber(satin) I suggested she go with cyber since matte shades tend to be more drying. The color is very similar, but the texture of cyber is a lot creamier due to the satin finish. Brenda took my suggestion and tried on both. She didn’t like either of them.


So now here we are in M.A.C. and she is feeling even more discouraged about her lips. She’s telling me the color is too dark… she can’t pull of bold colors…her lips are too big. I’m staring at her thinking….

You are preaching to the choir girl…

I patiently listened and when she had finished I made it my personal mission to have her leave with a lipstick she was in love with. It was great that Kierra and I were both there because we both gave tips about what each of us liked and what worked for our different skin complextions.

Let me pause for a second

Did I mention that the girls actually working at the M.A.C counter did not ask if we needed help AT ALL?!? I literally transformed into a mac stylist for a good 20mins.


We swatched a ton of colors and she finally decided on Heroine. She liked it but I could tell she wasn’t excited. It was still missing a little umphh.

“ Think fast amanda, your’e almost there”

That’s when I whipped out the liner. I used the heroine liner and walked her through step by step of how to properly line your lips so that she could get a clean look. Viola! She loved it! She was still a little hesitant leaving the store, but Kierra and I kept reassuring her that she looked fabulous!

This experience at M.A.C is literally the reason why I love blogging so much. Brenda felt the exact same way I used to feel about my lips and being in a position where I could help ease her hesitation and encourage her to take a risk made me feel so good. Kierra and I left the store cheesing, jumping, screaming, and on cloud 9. Thank you Brenda for a one-of-a-kind experience and for making our day!

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Hi! I’m back with another Beauty Bummers Post. I try to keep doing these posts so that you guys know what products I try that work and don’t work. Hopefully, I can save you from spending your money and being disappointed!
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Sonia Kashuk Brush Set: I bought the limited edition brush set from target about 3 months ago for $40. I know it’s pretty much guaranteed that with any set there are bound to be some brushes that arent as great as the rest, but these eye brushes are a total bust. They offer about 6 eye brushes and they are all so big that I had a hard time figuring out what to actually use them for. The fluffy crease brush isn’t fluffy enough, and the blending brush is too dense. Their face brushes weren’t great either but since I have so many other face brushes it didn’t really bother me.
Sonia Kashuk Fan Brush: I’m new to using fan brushes so I wanted to try one affordable before I bought a more high-end version. This brush is so thin that it hardly picked up any product. I think it may have worked better for cream or even liquid products but since all my highlighters are powder it didn’t do much for me. I will probably end up using this for days that I want an extremely light highlight or to highlight the bridge of my nose.
Maybelline Fit Me Powder: I really love this powder foundation, but I put it on my beauty bummers list because it completely exploded on me! The product itself is great, but the packaging isn’t sturdy and It kept popping open and dumping foundation everywhere. Once I hit pan on it it was a wrap. It crumbled into little pieces and made a complete mess of my vanity. I’m normally very gentle with my makeup products, but I feel like when you purchase something you should at least expect for it to open when you need it to and to stay closed when its supposed to. I shouldn’t have to worry about my foundation falling all over the place, especially when I haven’t had this problem with any other powders.
Becca Highlighter In Topaz: I just bought this product in my recent makeup haul and was so excited to try this.  I have heard so many amazing things about Becca highlighters and was dying to try one. Unfortunately this color is way to pigmented and does not show as a highlight on my skin tone( it simply blends and looks like i have glitter on my face) I think the consistency is fine and its very pigmented I just don’t think it was the right color for me. Everyone in the store convinced me to buy this shade because its the top seller for darker skin tones, but it turns out I didn’t like it. Moral of the story is buy what works for you and not what other people tell you! I’ll be doing a full review on this soon, but this product all in all was a bit of a let down.
Thats it for my beauty bummers for march. It seems like powders and brushes were a big let down. If you have any suggestions on better products feel free to comment below or tweet me!
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lined onr

I wanted to come to you guys about something that I have always had a love/hate relationship with. My Lips. Some of you might refer to yours as “soup coolers.”  The first time I ever heard that term my ex said it to me and even now, years later, it still reminds me of him. Anyway, I have really full lips. Not overly large, and definitely not small, but full. Dare I even say the lips some people would pay for!?! I’ve always been a little self-conscious of wearing bright and bold colors. The first time I ever wore red lipstick someone told me my smile reminded them of a clown because of how wide it was. OUCH. After that, I stayed away from lipstick all together. Despite that hurtful comment something kept calling me back to the bright bold colors and creamy textures of lipstick. It took some trial and error mixed with renewed confidence, but I finally learned how to apply lipstick correctly and even more importantly wear the hell outta it! Here are a couple of tricks that I wanted to share with you guys so sit back, grab some coffee or my personal preference wine, and enjoy the read.


Picture 1: Draw an ‘X’ starting at the top of your cupids bow down to the middle of your top lip.

Picture 2: Line your lips with a color of your choosing by either staying inside of your natural line or for a more full look, drawing on the outside of your natural line. Color your lips in with your pencil. It will make your lipstick last longer. Very important: HAVE A SHARP PENCIL.

Picture 3: Fill In your lips with the lipstick of your choice. I’m using Mac in Cyber!

clean up

Picture 4: Clean up time. You have the option to use concealer to clean up your lips and sharpen your line even more. Highly recommended if you have full lips. 

Voila Your All done!

collage again

I hope this post inspires you guys walk fiercely down the street and want to make duck lips at EVERY opportunity because you look so damn good.

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“Long Distance Relationship”

The most intimidating 3-word relationship phrase out there. Normally you meet someone, you date a little while, fall in love and decide that the distance won’t tear you apart. You unofficially sign up for the long talks on the phone, the 3-hour plane rides, the sleeping alone at night. You suck it up and make it work. Some people can do this for years( props to you boo) and others like me, are sorta wellllll #strugglin.


I lived in L.A for 5 years, 4 of which were spent dating and living with this stud in the photo above. Originally from SF I was itching to get back home so one day I woke up and ripped off the band-aid. I told my boyfriend I just couldn’t stay in L.A anymore, that I need to go home and he completely supported my decision.  I quit my job, we packed up our perfect little one bedroom apartment, and I loaded up my vehicle to head to the bay.  It sounds rash and risky, maybe even a little selfish, but I was going insane being in that city. Most people rarely ever intentionally sign up for a long distance relationship. I mean what person in their right mind leaves that perfect little home you’ve created. But I believe if your relationship is built on the right foundation it can withstand anything, so me and my boyfriend welcomed this opportunity; despite outside or society beliefs. He is still working to move to the bay- but for now we’ve been hanging with the long distance crew and I’ve learned a few things on how to keep the mojo.

YEAR 3Establish Rules: Clarity is the first step in this process. You and your partner need to establish certain things. For example, I will always call before 9pm or check-ins at lunch. It sounds systematic, but it’s definitely needed. Without that physical interaction, you need to connect with your partner on a daily basis. No one wants to feel forgotten so it’s important to establish expectations ahead of time. You can open up a whole bunch of unnecessary issues if you don’t have proper rules.



Be a little ole’fashion:  In the world of social media and text, it gets really easy to miss out on the things that have a personal touch. For example cards or letters. They show that you took the initiative to think about your partner and that you took the time to actually write and send it off. Chivalry is not dead and it goes both ways. Don’t hesitate to send your man a sweet and thoughtful gift. My boyfriend really wanted to get into HTML coding, so I bought him a book on web design. It doesn’t sound the most romantic, but it shows that I listened to what he wanted and took the time to find a book related to his interests.



Enjoy the moment: On average you may get 2-3 hours on the phone (actually speaking to your partner), try not to spend it arguing. If you both work or if you live in different time zones then it may be less than that. Obviously if you’re upset about something then voice your concern but try to end the night on a more positive note. Me and my boyfriend usually argue about what will happen when he moves here, which is a total waste of time. Things change with the day so no point in wasting precious time on the phone arguing about future plans.

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Same Kierra, Different Location: Every time I bought new makeup I would rush home to show him. I would swatch all my lipsticks, show off the pretty packaging, tell him about the awesome sale; I could ramble for a solid hour about my Sephora goodies. He probably didn’t care, but he listened because he knew I was excited. Don’t lose those moments. Yes, you may not come home to him at night and can’t show him in person but you could take pictures and maybe even call while you’re shopping. Those little moments are things that keep the relationship stable. If you always edit your day because you don’t have enough time to talk on the phone or because “it would really be better if you were here to see it”, then you will miss out on special moments. My beauty ramblings seem ridiculous, but he loves my ridiculousness, now it’s just over the phone instead of in person. Same Kierra, Different location.

Hope these tips help you like they’ve helped me!

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