Pretty Thrifty: Maybelline vs Too Faced

I’m back with another Pretty Thrifty post. For those of you just tuning in this segment is all about experimenting with beauty products, comparing one high end item vs the drugstore version of the same item. See my previous Pretty Thrifty segment here.  Today is all about Mascara!

I always start with buying drugstore products first before I graduate on to designer beauty products. I’m new to makeup so I want to make sure that I know how to use something before I purchase a more expensive version. Mascara is so easy to use that buying it cheap was no big deal to me. Boy was I wrong! Here is a quick breakdown


Maybelline: This mascara comes with an upturned brushes meaning it is bent in the same shape as your lashes. I loved it because it lengthened my lashes as I was applying the mascara.

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Too faced:  Just a regular mascara brush but I did notice it picks up a lot of product. I only have to use one good swipe on both of my lashes in order to get a solid but not chunky pay off.


Maybelline: When you initially apply it feels like normal mascara, but as it dries it hardens. My lashes felt stiff, rough and it was extremely difficult to get off my false lashes.

Too Faced: Super soft. I mean so soft I didn’t even feel it on. Often times I have to remind myself to remove it at night because the mascara feels so weightless.

Overall Look

Both look the exact same too me. I wear glasses so imperfections don’t show easily. However its the feel and application that really make a difference. I also notice that the Too Faced is great for a no makeup makeup look, wheras the Maybelline falsies really only shows if your wearing a liner and eyeshadow.

I also have used Covergirl and Buxom mascara and I will say hands down that I love my Too Faced mascara the most. If your someone who is just starting out and would rather save your money for other products then the Maybelline version is a good fit. It was my favorite until I got the Too Faced. It was totally worth the purchase!

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