Lets Chat About: New Years Resolutions

happy new year, 2015

I’m sure by the title you can guess what this post is going to be about but I just felt like the topic was to big to ignore. I am a hugeeeee fan of new year’s resolutions. You can call me cliché, lame, or whatever else you can think but I personally believe that they are very significant. I’m the type of person that thrives when I have a goal in mind. I need structure, consistency, and I also need to know what the prize is going to be when I finally get there. Some goals are monetary: usually involving spending money as opposed to saving it- blame it on my shopping addiction. Others are relationship goals, and when I was in school- well then a poor girl was just trying to graduate. Every year I set new goals/resolutions for myself and every year I reach them. There is something in the air on the night the clock strives 12 that makes me feel like I have this magical reset button. I feel empowered to do anything!

I think the issue with resolutions these days is that people get carried away. How many of you have read a resolutions post with just two resolutions? For some reason people feel the need to get overly specific with things like “practice more yoga, and do more juicing,, as opposed to just saying working on being a healthier person. It’s the little stuff that can start to get tricky. I think every year should be about growth and if you color too much in the lines with all the details then you lose spontaneity. I believe resolutions should give you direction, not a long list of overbearing things to do. 

So with that said below are just a few of my goals for 2015! 

1. Blogging:

  •          Increase outfit photos
  •          Blog consistently
  •          Enhance my photography: Lighting, DSLR, etc
  •          Start a Youtube channel

2. Personal

  •          Find work( I just moved from LA to SF)
  •          Move into new apartment: Finally decorate it Pinterest Style!
  •          Learn to not dwell on the past
  •          Establish more confidence in myself and my work

What are some of your new year resolutions? What do you think about them?

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