Mac Lipstick Review: The Nudes

HI everybody! So glad to be blogging again. I took quite the break; i needed the holiday time to just refresh and regroup. I also moved back to SF! Yay! But Anywho enough about that, lets jump right too it. I wanted to show you a few goodies I got from Mac. I absolutely love shopping there, its my favorite go to place for lipsticks. I dont really buy anything else from there because I feel like the rest of their stuff is a little overpriced; but the lipsticks are too die for. Ive been slowlely building my collection over time-see other posts here-, but one thing I noticed I dont have in my collection are good nudes. I usually go for the vibrant pinks n purples but I dont have any nudes or reds. Below are a few things that I got! You will notice my lips are peeling because I tried all of these lipsticks on in succession. So just ignore that part =)

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Now here is the story with this lipstick. Its originally apart of the matte collection that MAC came out with a few months ago. Matte is my favorite finish that MAC offers; its pretty much the only thing that I wear. When I went to MAC to try the collection they literally had every shade but this color, so over time I completely forgot about it. Long story short by the time I realized I never tried this shade, it was sold out everywhere. I found swatches on YouTube and Instagram and it looked pretty so I decided to search for it. I called about 10 different stores and got the last one in stock (yes 10 different stores!) Moral of the story is: when Mac comes out with a limited edition set buy it when you can! Anyways this color is a great cross between velvet teddy(an ashy nude) and a taupe brown ish color. It looks very natural on my skin tone. I did notice that it displays all my lips imperfections so you have to make sure your lips are perfectly moisturized, otherwise it will show the peeling. Not a good look!

spite, velvet teddy, lipglass, makeup, lipstick, nude,

, velvet teddy, makeup, lipstick, nude,

This lipstick took time to grow on me. I have been eyeing it for about 5 months now and I’ve tried it on every time I go to the MAC store but I always manage to find something else that I like more. I finally caved and I love itttttttt! This lipstick would look great with a smokey eye or that “no makeup” makeup look. Super natural and yet very pretty. I decided to buy the MAC lipglass in spite, and I actually love it even more with the lipgalss! Spite is a mauve lipglass and it was actually the same price as the lipstick. Im sure there is much more affordable options out there. 

Twig, pink, nude, makeup, lipstick, mac

 I bought this a while back. I actually went to the MAC store to buy velvet teddy and when I didn’t like it I decided to go with twig. I love it because it has this pink sheen that’s so different than all the other nudes that I own. It’s just enough color and it’s buildable. This color goes great with the rose colors in my Naked 3 pallet! It’s my favorite pairing!

I will be doing another review on the darker shades that I recently bought so stay tuned! 

If you would like more reviews on lipsticks for darker skin tones please let me know! 

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