Link Love: Vol III


Some links I’ve been loving this week! Oh and a little quote to tag along

1. I’ve been trying to do the cat eye for foreverrrrrrrrrrr and have never seen ANYTHING that I may possibly be able to pull off, this scotch tape idea is brilliant! Will defienetly try it soon!

2.  I love a good contour. I’m actually planning on making a visit to my local Mac store and picking up some goodies. So I was thrilled when I saw this post.

3. I only breakout in certain areas of my face. Never quite understood why, but this guide was so helpful! I was number 4 and number 5!

4. Hashtag instagram tips: Which is great for me. I have started an instagram but havent quite mastered it yet. I dont use it alot and I know that I should.

5. I love all white rooms, I wanted to do this to my house but since I have dogs I try not to give them anything they can ruin! Figure having white in the bedroom is less of a risk.


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