The Perfect Fall Bag

Anyone who lives in La knows that our lives literally revolve around traffic. Whether you live in Hollywood or all the way in the valley your commute to anywhere is hell. It’s safe to say I basically live out of my car. I have about 3 commuter mugs that I rotate throughout the week, multiple soda cans in the back of my car (empty might I add) and a ton of other junk I’m too embarrassed to say. My car, my commute, my life is one big hot mess and I knew I had to do something fast to fix it. In a perfect world I would buy a new car, something fancy so I wouldn’t be tempted to trash it. But since this girl is currently ballin on a budget I tried to think of other ways to organize my life

On most days I pack a lunch, a soda/snacks ( my job is little cheap with the goodies), along with my other purse items and it was hard juggling it all while trying not to spill coffee on myself rushing out the house. So to help with my hot messness I figured why not get a bigger bag, something simple and easy to use. Normally I have my Mk tote (which has been such a trooper over the years) but I thought a backpack purse would be a different option. I shopped around and finally landed on this Burgundy/black bag from Free People.

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I was actually going to buy it in this color but when I went back on the site and saw the Burgundy i was hooked. It fits my lily pulitzer planner perfect, my lunch and whatever snacks i want throw in. Even when full to capacity it snaps just fine. This ins’t real leather but it looks like it is, so I’m happy with the texture of it. I wills say I don’t really wear it as a backpack except when walking to my car, but for those of you who commute via public transportation this is a much easier option. The backpack was $80 bucks which is actually fairly cheap for something this nice. All the other backpacks I saw were anywhere form $40-50 but the quality was questionable so I went with a brand I knew would have good product. So far I absolutely love it!

What bags are you toting around for fall?


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