The Road to Rejuvination


My first love has always been the Bay Area. I could spend hours talking about my love and passion for all the encompassing cities, the thick fog that chills you ever morning and of course my favorite…food! Leaving has been one of my most triumph moments and yet a deep regret. I miss it tremendously, but moving to LA also gave me a sense of independence that I probably would have never had living at home. Lately I’ve tossed around the idea of relocating in which I may go through a period of unemployment during that transition. When I graduated college and first started looking for work, I dealt with a bit of depression. I kept asking myself “Did I just bust my butt through 4 years of college to get this amazing degree and I still can’t find a job?” I gave myself 3 months to find something (before I really just lost my mind) and by the start of the 2nd month I found Hudson Jeans. Looking back I realize I could have done so much more with my time besides sitting there worrying myself to death. In preparation for round 2 of job hunting I wanted to better utilize my experience and really take this opportunity to make myself a well-rounded person. Btw I just decided this is going to be my New Year’s resolution. The year 2015 will be my year of regrowth; but I’ll save that blog post for later. Figured I should get some books to help this whole process and I stumbled across this little list of good reads.

Ps: My favorite is the Nina Garcia book of 100 items. How cool would it be to buy one a month and review it with you guys!?


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