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Im sure im not the only one that has been swooning  over all these amazing hats everywhere. Im usually a snapback and tattoes kinda girl but I’m really diggien the new trend. Ive been having trouble finding some that are in a reasonable price range; I mean who realistically wants to spend $80 on a hat!? So I decided to make a list of some great hat options that are more affordable.

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Jeans are probably my favorite article of clothing. The right style can elevate your look and the right fit can make you feel like a whole new woman (a.ka the pair that makes my butt look good”).  Some women are shoe fanatics, others have a million purses, but me personally, I swoon over a good pair of jeans. I think they are a great investment because let’s face it…denim never really goes out of style. Working in the industry I have the privilege of seeing trends before they hit the market, and now that its fall I figured I would share some styles that are a must have!

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