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I’m not usually into trinkets; especially things that come better dressed than I do. Am I the only one slightly embarrassed that Barbie looks a tad bit more chic than me?  It’s only fitting since Chanel is by far one of the most iconic fashion labels of all time. As a minimalistic dresser I have always loved their classic silhouettes, details and not to mention the signature black and white pieces that just make everything feel so effortless. I wish….actually I dream of being able to afford Chanel and when I heard about the Barbie I thought it would be such a fun toy to have. At least then I could get just a little bit of Chanel greatness, even if it wasnt something I could actually wear. I was all for getting one until I found out that they are upwards of $200. Who pays that kind of money for a doll!!?? On eBay they have a few that are close to 2,000; in which case you mine as well buy yourself a few Chanel purses. I can undestand know collectors wanted to make that purchase but for others what’s the point? I love Chanel but is it worth that much for a doll? Thoughts?


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  1. October 18, 2014 / 4:57 pm

    Wow I didn’t know Carl had his own barbie! I think its only fitting they make his cat to go with it thou. Most expensive barbie every, would prefer the purses to the barbie I think!

    Analesha xx

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