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There is a difference between clothes you like and clothes you will actually wear; if you’re lucky you can get both in the same outfit. When I was younger I constantly would buy pieces that I loved; I mean loveddddddddd on the mannequin + magazine + person walking down the street but when I finally took it home I had no clue what to actually do with it. So it just sat there collecting dust and over the years it got pushed farther and farther into my closet until finally I decided to part ways with it. Tags still on and all (sound familiar?)

Now I’m becoming quite the investor, trying to flush out all my Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe days and step into the Topshop/Zara world; where clothes are staple pieces, sophisticated and edgy all in one( where the hell have you been Kierra). One of my favorite go-to’s for trendy fashion at affordable prices is Asos. Let me rewind…..

I need to make a confession

I’m a lazy shopper. I like websites that have it allll, 1. Who really has time to search a million sites for different things 2. I only have to pay one shipping fee.

Asos is literally the holy grail for all lazy shoppers. It has everything I could possibly need and just enough variety where it isn’t overwhelming. I went though and did a quick click on all my favorites; and by favorites I mean “clothes I would actually wear”.

Iphone Photos5

Some of these jackets have me dying and the prices are amazing. I would pay for cold weather in LA just so I could wear these.

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These shirts are my favorite. Im noticing im gravitating towards the Asos brand and River Island. I cant wait to get one of those button ups.

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The best thing about fall ( besides jackets and trench coats) are sweaters! The blue v-neck is a must have.

What goodies are currently in your basket? Anything you’re just itching to get?


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