3 Ways to Wear Booties


Since I can remember I have struggled with finding a good pair of shoes. As a kid my feet grew every minute so my parents never invested in anything expensive and by the time I could afford to buy a decent pair my feet had grown to a whopping size 11. I quickly realized that it was the one size that almost every store didn’t have. I was always jealous of all my friends that could go into forever 21 and buy some cute shoes for 15 bucks; meanwhile I was stuck in some department store spending 40 + for a pair of heels I knew I would only wear once. Well my lonesome hours in department stores and online shopping have taught me a few things about the shoe game. For starters, when you find a shoe in your size and you like it, buy it in every color! When you have a big shoe size you don’t necessarily have the luxury of variety. You have to learn to be creative with your styling so that it doesn’t look like you have 5 pairs of the same shoe.   I recently purchased the Steve madden –gleee shoe in all three colors (see below) and I love them! My favorite part is that they are slim around the ankle and my foot doesn’t have that awkward gap between your ankle and the shoe. Since I wear a size 11 I’m always conscious of how big something looks on my feet so the more slimming and fitted the better! My top 3 colors are always Black, Brown, and Grey.

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Black is classic, it’s a color you can never go wrong with. I usually wear my black boots when I’m wearing a print, or a wild color that I want to tone down. It’s also my quick go to when I don’t want to think about styling.

I normally don’t buy dark brown boots; I tend to stick to lighter shades like cognac. It’s a great option for when I want  something different besides black. It goes with everything and it mixes well with deep fall colors. My favorite is pairing it with Burgundy or Forest green!

Grey is my ultimate favorite, especially this icy grey that has been trending for fall/holiday. I pair this with all my light wash denim, and especially my white jeans. Black can sometimes be too harsh, and the brown has to be a particular shade, but with grey it’s almost an effortless pairing. One thing I will say is that you have to be careful with the shape of grey shoes. Sometimes extra detailing like buckles or an added platform can look unflattering if not done properly.

Steve madden is always my go too for stylish shoes, Which store is your go too?


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