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Hello! First new post on Her Charisma is a beauty haul! I haven’t done one of these in forever so im excited to show you all my new goodies!

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Brushes: Words can’t even express how excited I was to walk into Target and find these brushes. They have been all over YouTube and I have been dying to get my hands on them. They are LITERALLY sold out everywhere in LA, so I had to snag them while I was in the bay this weekend (it was my 23rd bday, post on that lata!). So far I haven’t used them but I’m looking forward to the powder brush and the contour brush because those are two critical brushes I don’t have.

Bite Lip Exfoliate: I wrote a post a while back about how I was looking for a lip exfoliate. I’m an advent lipstick wearer so I have to do a little extra to make sure they stay moisturized and my lipstick looks smooth! I used to use fresh lip scrub but it is really gritty, so I’m hoping that the Bite brand is a little smoother.

Makeup Forever Blush Shade 410: There is nothing I love more than rosy cheeks. It’s hard to find makeup that lasts and doesn’t just melt off your face in all this hot LA weather so when I heard that Makeup forever is an all water resistant brand, I was really excited. I’ve been wanting a cream blush (powder usually just fly’s off my face), and I wanted a rich rosy color. Pictures coming soon!

Beauty Blender: This has also been one of those makeup must haves that has been all over the blogosphere. I think this would be great for blending my liquid makeup, like my concealer. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to do with a brush.

You might also notice my lovely Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda! Let me tell you this item was not easy to find. I swear this blog post should have been titled “sold out things”, because everything on this haul was difficult to find. Apparently these little cuties came out in July and obviously I missed the memo because they were sold out everywhere. I didn’t even get the print that I wanted so I figured the elephants were a cute substitution!

Welp that’s it for this little haul! Hope you enjoyed! BTW this is my first time ” staging” a blog photo. What do you think? Took me forever to get it right!


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