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As with any makeup product I do a ton of research before I buy it. I was using the Sonia kashuk goddess bronzer and I initially loved it until I realized that it was breaking my skin out. Plus it gave me a great glow but it didn’t do anything for a contour. I have really full cheeks and sometimes my face can look round. So I like a defined contour to add some structure to my face.  This is when I discovered Mac Blunt. I wanted something that would add definition and this definitely does that. I also wanted something that was matte. As you have probably figured out by now I don’t like shimmer, glitter, shine, sheer etc. I prefer my makeup to be matte and pigmented; however I do add Urban Decay All nighter spray for some dewiness and so that my makeup doesn’t melt off my face. All in all I love the look it gives me!

What do you use to contour?

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Week one of my new Looks I Love series!

Enjoy!happily grey

That jacket literally had me say OH MY GOSH! This outfit is amazing!!! I love the structure and volume on top and then the beautifull flow of the lavender skirt. Stunning!! houndstooth

I pretty much love everything she does. And I mean that in the most literal sense. Who wouldn’t love a romper like this,  anddddd its Houndstooth!!! My favorite!Kendi Everyday

Noticed I highlighted the Kate Spade Bag. Not usually a fan of pink but Kate spade has a way of making do things I normally wouldnt.

sincerly julesI find it really refreshing to see some darker and warmer colors in summer. Most people are posting pictures of pastels and colorful prints but I always love deep burgundy! And the handbag in this outfit is beautifull!

Which look is your favorite?




img alt="sprinkles cupcakes, 4th of july"Most people are spending their Fourth of July at a BBQ, Beach, or drunk on the street somewhere screaming God bless America. I however decided to take a personal day. I woke up this morning and drove 20 minutes to the nearest Sprinkles cupcakes so that I could get my daily fix of red velvet cupcakes. I got three; one for each day of the weekend. Yes, I’m addicted. Normally the freeway is packed with cars and the plaza is filled with people but today; since everyone is eating hotdogs at the beach, the plaza was completely empty and I had the whole freeway to myself. I dropped my little rascal Kennedy back at the house and grabbed my laptop to get some blogging done. Currently sitting in Starbucks writing this as we speak. I figured I would get more work done If I wasn’t sitting in front of the TV. I’m drinking a Black Lemonade Ice tea thingy and listening to some Shakira. Her Latin beats make me feel like I’m on vacation.

Welp back to writing some more content! Gotta get prepared for next week. Enjoy the Holiday! Happy Independence day!

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OMG my first feature on Independent Fashion Bloggers. I absolutely love this site and everything it has taught me about blogging so I’m honored that they chose to feature me!

Style Positive

Every day we get bombarded with conflicting messages. “Accept yourself!” then, “Do better!” OK. Do I accept myself, or do I try to be better? Ug. Who knows? Anyway, even if you’re not sure which direction to go, being positive about it will make your journey a lot nicer. This week we get down to the essence of style. No, that’s not your wardrobe… it’s YOU. So take a deep breath, and read these posts, you’ll find yourself feeling a lot better.

Links a la Mode: July 3rd

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