I’ve been searching for some good makeup brushes. Here is what I want to Buy and Try!

Makeup Brushes

1. Kirkland Brand: Buy as a set, Price Range from $14-$30
2. Sedona Lace:Buy as a set. Price Range$50-$100
3. Elf Studio Brushes:  Buy as set Price Range $5-$25
4. MAC Brushes: Buy Individual Price Range $14-30
5. Makeup Geek:  Buy as set Price Range $50-$100
Last week on To Buy and Try: Makeup Primer
Would love to hear your suggestions!? So far I’ve only tried Elf brand!


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Pattern Play
What I love: The patterned Romper; this is too die for!
Accesories: I would pair it with the purse that they had. I think thats brillant! But if thier was no purse I would add the watch and the printed tennis shoes.
Makeup: Nude lip and loose curls
I love fun prints!!!
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I absolutely love lashes. I think they are a simple makeup addition and they are super glamorous. Sometimes my eyes get hidden behind my glasses so lashes are a great spruce up for me and they bring out the shape of my eyes. These are all the lashes as well as other lash accessories that I got. I bought these off of a site called ikatehouse; I wanted to try several different brands to see which ones I liked. Thus far my favorite is ardell!

Sephora Lash Tweezer

Lash tweezer from Sephora: I read a review on YouTube that this lash grip was great for beginners. Most people can apply their lashes by hand or by using tweezers but it’s very difficult for me to do that so I use this amazing lash grip. It worked like a charm!

Ardell Lash Glue

Lash Grip Ardell: I bought this lash grip from ikatehouse that I read a review on and I absolutely hated it. So I went back to the drawing board and bought the ardell lash grip from target ( $3). It worked great! It dried fast and held my lashes all night. You have to be careful how much you apply because otherwise it dries and becomes flaky.

You’ll notice that a lot of the lashes are really long and glamorous. Since I wear glasses I can usually pull these off. If I wear small lashes they can often get hidden behind my thick glass frame! After a few wears I can definitely say that I like smaller but thicker eyelashes. In the photo below im wearing my Mac Flat out Fabolous lipstick!

mac flat out fabulous

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