Hello all! Welcome to the new segment on my blog: Makeup Monday! I purchased a few lipsticks and I will reviewing them as well as other makeup products on mondays! Todays lipstick is

Flat Out Fabolous Swatch

Normally I go for deeper colors; like browns and wines; but I wanted to try something fun so I went a little brighter and I’m really glad I did! This colors is great for summer or a night out on the town. My next buy from Mac will be a more subtle color. Something I can wear on a consistent basis and casual enough to wear to work. So stay tuned for those!

Why I love it: It has this purple undertone that is very cute! Its bright and girly, Perfect for a night out! Stay tuned for whats coming next monday!


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My obsession with having long hair means I’ve tried just about every extension possible. My hair has been chemically relaxed for almost 10 years now. It’s extremely thick, dark brown( basically off black; color 1b) and it’s a little past my shoulders. Over the years I’ve experimented with several different hair extensions and decided to share a few tips and hair lango I have learned along the way. I’m African American so some of things will pertain to just my hair texture but most of these tips will be universal.


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Virgin Hair vs Yaki/Silky: Any hair that is Yaki texture means its been processed to resemble African American textured hair. Virgin means that the hair has not been chemically treated at all; no color change and no texture change. This is great for those who want to dye their extensions; But beware of hair that says Virgin Malaysian Remy Hair, Or Virgin Peruvian Hair Yaki Textured. Both the words remy and yaki mean that the hair has been processed; in which case it is no longer virgin!

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Teasing your hair: some people tease their hair to get it to look fuller and so that their clip in extensions can stay in place. But after a fresh perm this is a big No, NO. You need to wait until your hair has some new growth before you start clipping in your extensions; or if you’re really anxious wash your hair and blow dry it out so that the hair is a little thicker.

Kim Kardashian, bald spot, hair

Sleeping in extensions: Do not sleep in your clip ins at all. It will pull on your hair. Also don’t sleep in bobby pins or duck clips. Anything metal at all will only irritate your scalp and pull at your hair. You don’t want to look like Kim Kardashian with a whole bunch of bald spots on your head!

Clip Ins, hair

Buying the right amount of clip ins: The longer your extensions the more hair you need. My hair is super thick /long and although I always buy clip ins that are 20inchs or longer I still need 2 ½ -3 packs of clip ins in order to have a full look.

Click here to see the clip ins I bought!

Why I love them: the wefts are thick but they are placed so that they are really thin and so are the clips. Meaning they are so thin that they are easy to hide behind your hair.

What I Don’t like: They are a natural color; which is more off a dark brown (a shade lighter than my hair). So I’m going to have to dye them.

Hope these tips help!

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I absolutely love shorts, but being tall and long in the legs makes it difficult for me to find anything that actually fits. Aside from me creating my own shorts (which turned out to be a total failure) I’m usually out of luck when it comes to finding anything. However over the years I’ve come across a few stores that work for me.

Gap. Inc: My favouriteeeeee for short shopping. Gap and old Navy have this 3 inch-4 inch jean short that are built for the tall customer. Not only that but they have everything from the boyfriend short, to the high wasted short; anything that is currently in season they have it!!!

  • If you’re worried about the price and don’t want to spend $40 on a pair of shorts I would suggest shopping at the outlets. Get a pair there first and then if you like them, then go back for more!

Nordstrom: Also has a good selection of shorts depending on the designer. It’s a hit or miss for me but I have found a few good pairs.

Cotton on: These shorts aren’t necessarily extremely long; but they are wide at the leg opening so they look very flattering. The worst is when your shorts are too tight and the short starts to roll up and rise. My cotton on shorts don’t do that at all and they are super affordable.

Rompers: Although they are not shorts per-se they are a great alternative for those who still have a hard time with getting a decent pair of shorts. Most rompers come in fabric instead of denim so that gives you more room in the thighs and sometimes more length.

 Check out yesterdays post about shoes!!

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Most tall women have the hassle of finding shoes in their size. Now some of us are blessed with normal/average size shoe but I personally wear a size 11. If you’re in the same boat as me then this is the perfect shoe guide for you!

Designer shoes


  •  Great designer selection and at amazing prices.
  • Awesome rewards program and a great customer service return policy. I like that they have just as much inventory in store as they do online; if not more.
  • Why I love them: They keep a healthy amount of shoes that run to a size 11; so whenever I’m in a hurry I know for a fact they will definitely have something in size 11.
  • What I Buy: Heels, Sandals, and Boots

Steve Madden

  •  Pricey but the shoes are extremely durable
  • Not a lot of size 11 in store but great selection online
  • Why I love them: Extremely durable shoes,never go out of style
  • What I Buy: Sandals, Boots

Nine west

  • Affordable and durable
  • Have the option for a 10 ½ and 11, but best to order online
  • Why I love them: Consistent collection of shoes, not the most stylish but great for wedding or business attire shoes
  • What I buy: Heels

Stylish/Trendy Shoes


  •  Pricey but super cute and most shoes come in several colors, so if you really like the shoe you can buy all of the colors!
  • Not a lot of size 11 in store but great selection online
  • Why I love them: Very trendy, and always have in season colors. Also have great handbag selection and jewelry.
  • What I buy: Sandals

Sole Society

  • Smaller selection and no in store option, only online
  • Almost every shoe comes in a size 11
  • Why I love them: Trendy and they always have a selection of Low heels
  • What I Buy: Sandals, heels

Where do you go to buy your shoes!?

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