I recently just graduated with a Bachelor’s in Apparel Merchandising and a Minor in Marketing; which was the highlight of my winter. But then afterward’s the reality hit of having to find a J.O.B. which turned out to be wayyyy harder than I thought. I graduated on Dec 20th and it took me exactly one month to find a job. Now for most that isn’t a long time but staying at home with nothing to do drove me crazy!. I went from working (on campus), sorority life, and school; to having absolutely nothing. After 2 weeks of searching I realized I was going to have to start getting creative in order to find something. So here are a few tips that I learned along the way.

  1. Make a list of your must haves( I had 5), and set a date at which you are willing to give up at least one or two of those must haves. ( the things that you are willing to compromise when you’ve hit 3 months of unemployment, etc)
  2. Think of all the hobbies, jobs etc that you have ever done that you could picture yourself building a career in. I had 3!
  3. Think outside the box on how to actually apply to these jobs. I landed my job (as a Sales Assistant at Hudson) by simply emailing someone that worked there and asking them if they were hiring. I attached my resume and two days later they called me back. I know some people like to think that the days of knocking on doors and asking if people are hiring are dead and gone but they aren’t. And they don’t just apply to mall jobs. In my industry I applied to corporate, and showrooms. Anything and everything that had an email had my resume!.

I’ll wrap this up here so as to not make things to long; but I will say the key to being truly successful is to think outside the box! Everyone is applying to those same jobs listed on LinkedIn or Monster. Use your time off(unemployed or as a student) to really reflect on what you want and how to get it!

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